nourishing hot frothy drinks

Beyond hot chocolate.

Can you tell that I just spent some healthy days at a spa?  On the first day, a friend and ASE subscriber Nancy C. confidently asked for a matcha latte with coconut milk.  I know a good idea when I hear one.  Matcha is a green tea powder with a caffeine lift and antioxidants.  Here is the recipe for Matcha Latte and some other rich, frothy, warm drinks.

Matcha Latte recipe


1 tsp of matcha green tea powder

3 TBS of hot water

1 ¼ cups of milk or nut-milk

(I have tried almond milk, macadamia milk and coconut milk and enjoyed all three)

Up to 2 tsp of sugar or other sweetener from honey to stevia


    1. Spoon the matcha into a mug.
    2. Add the 3 TBS of hot water to the matcha to make a paste – stirring or whisking. Avoid lumps.
    3. Add hot milk or nut-milk to the mug.
    4. Froth the mixture.

Not all Matcha is created equal.  The fabulous spa I visited recommends this pure, delicious and (pricey),  Taste of Kyoto Reserve Matcha. 2.12 ounces, $45.99.


1 cup of milk or nut milk – almond, coconut, macadamia

1 ½ TBS Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (ideally organic)

1 tsp Ground Turmeric

2 tsp Coconut oil (ideally organic)

Pinch of Black pepper

Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

2 tsp of honey, agave, maple syrup or sugar – to taste


    1. Combine milk, cocoa powder, turmeric and coconut oil. Whisk or froth and heat to a boil.  I use a microwave.
    2. Stir in black and cayenne pepper to taste.
    3. Pour into a mug and add honey to taste.

 Caramel or coconut latte

Rooibos Tea Latte flavored with Caramel Macchiato or Coconut Custard Recipe


Coconut Custard Tea or Caramel Macchiato Tea

1/3 of a cup of coconut, milk or another nut milk.  I recommend using coconut milk with the coconut custard tea.

Honey, agave or another sweetener to taste,  try ½ a TBS

Cinnamon to taste


    1. Brew the tea
    • Bring cold water to just under a boil.
    • Measure one or two heaping teaspoons of loose tea leaves for each cup of water. To taste.
    • Pour hot water over tea leaves.

(Purists warm the cup or the pot with some hot water, pour it out and then make the tea.)

    • Steep for 6-10 minutes.
    • Remove and strain.
    1. Heat and froth the milk.
    2. Add 1/3 of a cup of frothed milk to each cup of tea.
    3. Stir in your sweetener of choice and shake some cinnamon on top – to taste.

Hot frothy drinks Caramel Macchiato

­ Caramel Macchiato Tea. 3 ounces. $12.61.

Hot Frothy Drinks Coconut Custard

Coconut Custard Tea.  3 ounces. $12.61.

 Spiced Chai Latte from The Kitchen

I discovered my first chai latte in India decades ago and I have been drinking them ever since.

Spiced Chai Latte Recipe


Loose-leaf  Black Tea – English Breakfast, Ceylon or your choice

Sweetener – Brown sugar, maple syrup, honey or alternative


A few pods of Green cardamom

Cloves – to taste

Fennell seeds – to taste

1 Cinnamon Stick

Black peppercorns – to taste

(Or use the Organic Rishi Masala Chai mix – below- instead of these spices)

Fresh ginger with skin on, sliced into thin rounds


    1. Heat water and milk
    2. Before it boils, add fresh ginger rounds
    3. Add 2 tsps. of the tea and your choice of spices

Or, use 2+ tsps. of loose masala spiced tea mix per cup of liquid

    1. Let tea steep for at least two minutes
    2. Pour into a cup through a sieve.
    3. Add the sweetener of your choice.

healthy hot frothy drinks

Organic Masala loose-leaf Chai (tea) and spice mix.  3 Ounces. $8.

Martha Stewart shows how to make foam designs on your latte.

Make a foam heart design to top off your latte.



I like my simple, hand-held frother and I have given them as hostess presents. Powered by two AA batteries, it is easy to clean and comes with its own stand. Your choice of 10 colors.  $12.99.





Subscriber Lisa C. recommends this Capresso Frother which heats the milk and froths it.  It is easy to clean.  I use it regularly.  The drinks get very warm, but not hot.  You may want to heat them up in the microwave.  Capresso Frother.  $77.65.




You can froth milk with an immersion blender which you will also use to blend soup and whip cream.  Breville Immersion Blender. $86.93




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