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today we will newsletter

Today We Will is a newsletter that delivers sustainability tips in four lines or less.

One recent example – “Avoid all products with fragrances.  80-90% of synthetic fragrances are made from petroleum so it’s better to choose fragrance-free products and that will reduce our dependence on oil.”

Check out the ASE article on unscented household products.


NPR Life Kit

NPRs Life Kit podcast explores a problem or a question in areas where NPR has “deep expertise”.  The podcasts are audio guides for navigating life.  Topics range from personal finances to parenting. It is also possible to subscribe to a targeted Life Kit podcast collection dealing only with Health topics, Parenting topics or Money topics.


prescription swim mask

I recently ordered a prescription snorkeling mask for a trip I was taking.  It worked like a charm. It was reasonably priced, well-made and helped me see better.  $59.95.

prescription goggles

There are also prescription swim goggles available for $25.99.


Kleenex Cylinders

Kleenex has a new look. Subscriber Missy S. has this aluminum tissue cylinder by her guest bed and it looks modern, clean and doesn’t take up much space on the bedside table.  It can be painted to fit any décor. The aluminum is light weight, and I like the unexpected shape and the smooth feel. 7 x 3 x 3 Inch Brushed Aluminum Tissue Cover, $11.99.

4 Kleenex cylinder package

Kleenex Perfect Fit Facial Tissues, 4 cylinders, 50 tissues in each.  $17.95.


Did you miss a post this week?

IV drips are definitely trending.

IV Hydration Therapy


Healthy, Nourishing, Hot, Frothy Drinks

nourishing hot frothy drinks