About A Sharp Eye

Nancy Ginny A Sharp Eye

Dear ASE readers,

We are excited to unveil the new ASE.  We needed an update, and incorporated much of your great feedback and many of your suggestions in the ASE survey.

Same writers, same current/clever ideas; but you’ll find it easier to read on your iPad and phone, easier to call up good thoughts from the archives and easier to share with your friends.

We hope you like the look and feel. We welcome your suggestions. Please forgive any ‘bumps’ in the unveiling!

Stay tuned for new features coming in the following months.

Nancy and Ginny


A Sharp Eye (ASE) is a free, lifestyle newsletter and website dedicated to savvy, busy, well-traveled people like you.  We curate the web and the world so you don’t have to!  We send you interesting information and have it ready at ASharpEye.com when you want it.

ASE is a trustworthy source that shares your priorities, lifestyle and points of view.  It’s a treasure trove of more than 1,000 articles with ideas we like and things we’ve tried, tested and loved.  You can search for almost any topic and odds are that we will have written about it!

Who are we?

Nancy and Ginny founded A Sharp Eye.   They are friends who:

  • Travel extensively and are curious about everything that makes up the world around us.
  • Read Vanity Fair, People, The Economist, The Week, The Financial Times, The Skimm, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker (although sometimes back issues stack up).
  • We like movies with happy endings.
  • Are both founders of the New York Women’s Foundation and we are proud of its success in making a difference in the lives of girls and women.
  • Have worked for-profit and for our communities. We are always looking for ways to juggle and organize our busy lives.
  • Have husbands who are great sources of ideas and encouragement.  Nancy and Tom’s three daughters and Ginny and Sean’s four strive to keep us current.

Sharon Lorenzo is a frequent contributor on art and culture.  She is a lawyer, professor, art historian, docent, sailor and interesting friend who travels widely.  Sharon shares both her insider access to museums and shows, and her experienced perspective on art with ASE readers.

Susie Landsem masterminds our social media, marketing and manages the ASE archives. Susie runs her own design service for people who want to stay in their homes after retirement, named Aging in Place by Design. She is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, providing her clients with attractive interior designs that add safety elements into their homes for comfort.