Trends 2020 Quarantine Entertainment #1

Positive things to look forward to.

New trends are always fun to watch for and, in this very uncertain time, anything fun is welcome.  I have been chatting with friends (virtually, of course) about the ways we might begin to live differently on a permanent basis as a result of the coronavirus crisis.  I, for one, am going to be much more mindful about not touching my face with my fingers and washing my hands more often.  I also will be much smarter after watching zillions of documentaries and taking online courses during the social isolation period.  My travel days to exotic places are definitely over and I will always have an abundance of toilet paper in the house (where I live there is not a roll of toilet paper to be purchased in the entire county!). I don’t think I will willingly attend events that have thousands of people, and if I do I will be ‘Purelling’ every five minutes. I will also make sure that my candy stash of Butterfingers and Good n’ Plenty is always topped up.  I also might adapt one of these trends predicted for 2020.

Live-stream exercise

One result of social distancing during the coronavirus is that many of us will be more familiar with live-streaming our entertainment.  In 2020, options to live-stream our exercise and workouts right into our homes will sky rocket.  There will be many more affordable workouts, Yoga and dance classes available to live-stream from your iPad, smartphone, laptop or smart TV, and many people will choose to live-stream rather than belong to a gym.  Some of the classes will offer the option of interacting directly with both the instructor and other online participants.  Interactive yoga classes on Yogaia and Ompractice platforms and runners racing against other runners with the Charge Running app are other options.

Neutrals are back in fashion.  The neon colors of 2019 are being replaced by more muted ones. The 2020 runways had designers like Max Mara and Kate Spade using browns, khakis and muted greens.  For living spaces, Pantone’s 2020 color was a serene blue and designers are using other calming tones as well.

The 2020 Summer Olympics will be in Tokyo and the Opening Ceremony will be on Friday, July 24th from 8 – 11 p.m. local time, assuming the Olympics aren’t canceled altogether.  Four sports will be making their debut:  Climbing, Karate, Skateboarding and Surfing.  Baseball and softball return to the Summer Olympics for the first time since 2008.  There will also be nine new mixed gender events in seven different sports, with men and women competing in sailing, ping pong, swimming, archery, shooting, track relays and triathlon.

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Plant-based meats will be mainstream

I am seeing Impossible Burgers offered on many menus and I admit they are very good.  Plant-based meats will continue to gain acceptance and the market is predicted to grow by 28% each year until 2030. There will also be blended meats which are animal proteins mixed with vegetables.

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Single-Use Plastics will be reduced

Finally, environmentalists will be able to turn their attention from plastics in our oceans to other climate change crises.  It seems as if large and small companies and manufacturers are finally embracing solutions for reducing the use and disposal of single-use plastics. Starbucks is switching from their green and white straws to eco-friendly strawless lids and Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt Hotels are replacing their travel-size toiletries to bulk-size dispensers.  New brands are coming up with innovative products using alternative packaging.

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CBD Beverages will be trending in 2020.  They will be on the shelves in grocery and convenience stores alongside sodas and bottled water.  You can have your CBD in sparkling or flat form, or with caffeine added. They promise to deliver therapeutic benefits and many beverage companies are planning to introduce their own versions.


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Collagen will appear in our food.  Collagen supplements and powders have been popular for a while as wellness additions because collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the human body.  It is thought to combat aging and promote hair growth and bone health.  Now collagen will be incorporated into our foods. You will find collagen additives in popcorn, nut butters, snack bars and marshmallows.  There will also be collagen-infused beverages.

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Alcohol is taking the heat.  Consumers are reducing their alcohol intake or eliminating it all together.  Two-thirds of millennials are cutting back for health and wellness reasons.  What’s taking its place is nonalcoholic drinks and that market segment is growing in leaps and bounds.  Many brands are coming up with alcohol-free versions of popular alcoholic beverages.  You get the taste but not the hangover!

In fashion, puffy sleeves will be wildly popular.  I don’t know how I feel about that… It’s never been my best look.

On the other hand, polka dots will be very popular.