Javelina running

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If you have a trip planned and are concerned about the Coronavirus, Business Insider has advice that you should definitely check out.  The New York Times also answers practical travel questions in depth. As of yesterday the State Department raised its global travel advisory to a Level 4, it’s highest advisory.

javelina running through Tuscon

For a laugh in this very stressful time – this is a very short video of a Javalena running through Tucson to music.  Make it full screen on your computer for the full effect. It gives a short burst of delight.

People forward me information about interests we share all the time, and I always wonder how they came across the little tidbit from an obscure source.  They have a Google Alert set up. A Google Alert will track internet mentions of anything you are interested in.  They are free and easy to set up. You can set up alerts for products, news topics, your or someone else’s name,  just about anything you can think of! You can set the frequency of notifications, how many results you want to see and from what part of the world you want results from.


With this free mobile app, you can scan receipts or full pages and store them in the cloud or send them by text or email.

Adobe Scan Mobile free from  Google Play

Adobe Scan Mobile, free from Apple App Store


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rotisserie chicken


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