laundry drying racks
*This article has been updated in March of 2020.

Don’t you hate having all your counters covered by the just-washed clothing items that say ‘hang to dry’ or ‘dry flat’ in their washing instructions?  I use drying racks for clothes instead, and they are so convenient.  Some are attached to the wall and fold out or are attached to the ceiling and get pulled down and some are free-standing and can get tucked into a closet when not in use.  Now that it’s summer, is there anything better than the smell of air and sun-dried laundry?  If you agree but can’t picture yourself with a mouth full of clothespins and a rope across the backyard, the stylish freestanding drying racks can be used outside, weather permitting.

The ‘new clothesline company’ produces two drying solutions.  One is called the DUO small item laundry drying accessory.  It has a center hook so can be hung anywhere, indoors or out, and it folds up, making it a travel accessory as well.  The clothespins that hang from it are best for small items.  $19.99.


The LOFTi WHITE Laundry Drying System is a clothes-drying rack that is suspended from the ceiling.  It can hold an entire load of laundry.  It works with pulleys, and its tubes are adjustable so it can adapt to many different spaces. $94.99.

This drying rack from is made in America. The top rotates for easy loading. It sets up fast and folds down for easy storage.  It has 24’ of clothes hanging capability.  It is 52” round when fully opened. $99.00.


I love the look of this drying rack, and the three-shelf laundry products organizer is great to have.  The set comes with the peg wall racks. $359.


I love this wall mounted drying rack.  It is 46”w x 42” h and $199.

laundry drying rack

All the way from Britain comes this Sheila Maid ceiling suspended laundry drying rack.  Since warm air rises, clothes quickly dry out of the way.  $150.


This is a very utilitarian and functional wood drying rack.  It is made from bamboo and has 11 drying rods.  It folds up for easy storage. $39.00.


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