Kimono Style Bathrobes

Wear before bed or to a party!

Kimono-style clothing is popular in the U.S. and around Europe. Both men and women wear kimono-style dressing gowns or robes over sleepwear or bathing suits. They are loose fitting, open fronted with a matching fabric belt for closure. Bathrobes in the Japanese style of kimonos, yukatas or nemakis, are unlined and made from cotton or sometimes silk. They can also be worn as casual summer jackets, tunics or outerwear.

A kimono is a traditional Japanese article of clothing. The word means a ‘thing to wear’ and refers to the full-length robes that are worn in Japan for important or formal events, mostly by women. The kimono-style robes are very simple kimonos made from light cotton material. Kimono is the most recognized word for this style in the U.S., so they are referred to in this country as kimonos or kimono-style.

Kimono style robe

Last year a new store popped up in Los Angeles called Open The Kimono. These kimono robes are made from silk-like rayon challis and come in wonderful prints. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and handmade in Venice, CA. They can be worn as loungewear over a nighty, or worn over leggings at a party. Due to their enormous popularity, their inventory is currently depleted, but more are being made. $275 each. Update:  They are completely sold out, but bookmark the site because they promise more are coming!

Floral Kimono Style robe

This one from Bloomingdale’s is very pretty. It is rayon, should be hand washed and has a loose fit. It is $118.00.

short kimono style robe

Anthropologie has a good selection of mostly shorter kimono-style robes. This one is made from earth-friendly viscose satin, has a tie closure and should be hand washed. It is on sale for $159.95.

White kimono style robes from Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities’ kimono-style robes are mainly in white. They come long or short, are made from microfiber, are unisex with a tie closure. $40.00 – $54.00.

Free People Kimono Style for a Party

Free People makes beautiful kimono-style robes which are appropriate for a party. They come long and short. The one pictured above is made from viscose and can be machine washed cold. It has flared sleeves and an exotic print.   It is lightweight and sheer.  $168.00.

Hand painted flower kimono style

Plum Pretty Sugar has a large selection of short and long kimono-style robes. This one has hand-painted watercolor blossoms on cotton voile. It is rayon, has a tie sash and an inner tie. It is $71.00.

Target has kimono style

Target has a beautiful kimono-style robe for wearing out or at home. It is an orange and flowy with 3/4 length sleeves. It has an open front. It is 100% polyester and can be machine washed. The long kimono is $27.99.

Polka dot kimono style robe

Roberta Roller Rabbit has three kimono-style robes. This one has wide sleeves, a sash tie and is 100% cotton. $85.00.

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