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Healthy water enhancers for your plain and sparkling water – Hydrate!

Drinking water is healthy – and more water is better. I’ve found a way to make plain and sparkling water more interesting. The healthiest choices avoid artificial sweeteners, calories and chemicals. If you don’t have a handy slice of lime or squeeze of lemon, I have a great solution – water enhancers.

water enhancers, True Lime

I am crazy about these packets of crystalized fruit from True Citrus. True Lime, True Lemon, True Orange and True Grapefruit are made with fruit slices and oils. They have no artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, sodium or gluten. Best of all – they have a fresh, real fruit flavor. One packet is equal to one wedge of citrus. They all improve plain and sparkling water. The lemon and orange are delicious in hot tea. JetBlue serves the lime with their mixed drinks. True Lime 100 packets, $7.88. True Lemon 100 Packets, $7.88. True orange 100 packets, $7.88. True Grapefruit 100 packets, $7.88.

True Lime Water Enhancers


I love the healthiness and flavor of the simple packets of crystalized citrus, but these other products from True Citrus are worth a try. The various lemon and limeades have Stevia added. $19.59 for ten packets each of seven lemon and limeade flavors.

Stur Non GMO Water enhancers

Made by a husband for his pregnant wife when she was drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day, Stur has NO artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. Liquid Stur is sweetened by steeping stevia leaves in warm water (no chemicals, solvents or alcohols are used in the process). He adds non-gmo fruit and vegetable extracts, to create no-calorie, no-sugar flavors like Strawberry-Watermelon, Pineapple Coconut, Orange Mango. Each serving of Stur (there are 20 per bottle) is fortified with High Antioxidant Vitamin C. Five flavors. $18.95 SturWater Enhancer


Stur Powdered Drink Mixes are made from organic ingredients and they claim to be anti-oxidant. They do contain Stevia, Vitamin C and some organic cane sugar. Five flavors with a total of 35 individual packets for $14.95.

H2w0w Water Enhancers

Organic H2wOw drops contain no artificial: colors, sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. It does have some Agave and Stevia to sweeten it. Try the four interesting flavors: Lime Ginger, Watermelon Honeydew, Cucumber Lemongrass and Lemon Spearmint. $20.86 for four packs of 24 servings.

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If you have access to fruit, juice, and mint – you can infuse flavor into your water entirely naturally.

  • Let fresh lemon, lime or melon stand in a pitcher of water overnight for full flavor.
  • Let pineapple slices soak for two hours.
  • Mash up blueberries and raspberries and put them into your glass before you pour in plain or fizzy water.
  • Add fresh cucumber slices.

Add fresh mint leaves to the pitcher and let them steep.

  • If you like basil, crush some leaves and put them in a pitcher of water overnight.
  • Add a cinnamon stick to water and let it infuse.

Water enhancer glass pitcher

Glass Water Pitcher With Lid and Fruit Infusion Core, Glass Carafe 50Oz Capacity, Stainless Steel Lid, BPA-FREE Infuser Rod. $24.95.

Add unsweetened fruit juice to your water or sparkling water.

Keep flavor in your freezer.

  • Freeze clementine or orange slices and add them to drinks as a replacement for ice cubes.
  • Make ice-cubes with fruit juice and add them to your drink.

Brew strong herbal tea and chill it. You can add some to water for flavor.

Soda Stream is makes it easy to serve sparkling water without lugging bottles home from the store. $105.99.

La Croix Water Enhancer

Want healthy flavored sparkling water and willing to carry it home? La Croix is available in natural lemon, orange, berry, and lime flavors. No calories, No artificial sweeteners, Sodium free. Twelve, 12-oz cans. $5.24.

See the ASE article about how to use these flavors in Equally Attractive Non-alcoholic Beverages.

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