New, innovative outdoor lighting is so attractive that your dining room will have cobwebs by the time you use it again.  Here are our faves:

Hanging lanterns:

Anything that will hold a candle and let the light out can become a hanging lantern.  Use battery-operated candles (see our article).

Try the Soji Solar Nylon Lantern in different colors for $20.32 each.

Table and patio lighting:

Try these glowing Solar Globes that create a rainbow of colors.  Put them in a fountain or swimming pool.  They have a hidden solar module converting energy from sunlight and emitting a rainbow of colors.  Don’t have any water to float them in?  They can also be staked in the garden or placed on a table.  They stay lit for up to 12 hours. $79.00 for a set of three.


Create a menagerie by adding a silver or yellow elephant candle.  6.5” long x 3” wide and 4” high.  $14.00 each.

For a more elegant look, and one you can also use indoors, Simon Pierce’s Nantucket Hurricane is lovely.  It is 9”tall x 6.25” wide and $185.00.  Simon Pierce has six other styles of hurricanes.

DIY – Take all those jelly and Mason jars you have been saving for no good reason and use them as simple tea light holders.  Use them to line a path or group them as centerpieces for the table.