Do you love to read but are reluctant to invest in a book unless you’re sure you’ll love it? Are you always looking for good book recommendations?  Here is a website you will love. is a free website devoted both to the love of reading and to getting people excited about reading.  It has over 5 million members and over 170 million books on their virtual shelves.

Imagine Goodreads as a large library through which you can wander and see members’ bookshelves, their reviews and their ratings.  You can add your own reviews and establish your own shelves that catalog what you’ve read, are currently reading and are planning to read.  You can start a discussion group, start a book club, contact an author, post your own writing if you’re an author, create a book list, comment on other’s books.

Sign up, and you start with three shelves (read, currently reading, to read).  You can create more shelves to suit your personal reading tastes.  A few ideas are ‘re-read’, ‘beach reads’, ‘mysteries’, ‘absolutely loathed’…you get the idea. A nice little recycling benefit is that you can indicate if you have a copy of a book on your shelf you’d like to sell or swap.

Back to this site’s mission, by seeing what other members are loving, hating or lukewarm about, we can find new and interesting books to read ourselves.  Join a few book clubs to find readers whose book tastes match yours. If you already belong to a book club in the real world, you can list it on this site and add virtual members.

This site is a great resource for finding books you might not have found out about from the NY Times Book Review or Oprah. It’s very user-friendly and has inspired me to get reading!  So little time, so many books…

Note – If you like to read but don’t like browsing in bookstores or talking about books with your friends, you may want instant gratification in the book-recommendation department.  On this site,, you put in the title of a book you loved and it instantly provides a list of similar books you might like.  Not as much fun as but it gets the job done.