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*Updated  for accuracy 2019

I’m one of those people who enjoys good wine, but would never pass as a true oenophile. As a result, a visit to the hodgepodge of bottles stored in my basement can verge on the intimidating. Some wines are amazing (usually gifts from visiting friends), some are average, and others we should have consumed a decade ago.  In order to tell the difference, I go to .

Once on the site I am able to submit the name and vintage of each wine; Wine Searcher then gives me an average price, a score, a regional hierarchy, and a grape varietal. I can click on“More information on this wine” to get enough information to pass as a sommelier.  If I’m feeling ambitious, I write the relevant info onto a little tag and tie it onto the bottle.

My whole life is not this organized but it feels good to start somewhere.

ASE Hint: Use Wine Searcher when buying your wine, to make sure that you aren’t overpaying.  You can get it on iOS and Android.

Pairing wine and food can be another challenge. We’ve got some solutions for you in this article;

Pairing wine with food can be tricky!

pairing wine with food






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