Roaming an extended range.

wildlife corridor, habitat corridor, or green corridor is an area of habitat connecting preserves which allows wild animals to roam widely enough to avoid interbreeding in their immediate pack or family.  These corridors are especially important when people and the development they bring cut animals off from breeding choices and genetic diversity.

I have recently heard about the return of the Florida Panther. They are flourishing, in part, because of Wildlife Corridors.   This sub species of mountain lion went on the endangered list in 1973.  The Panthers were threatened by hunting, pollution, diseases, habitat loss and low genetic diversity. Habitat loss and low genetic diversity are both the result of small groups of animals being isolated.

I love the idea of Wildlife Corridors and was pleased to find them around the world.

Florida Wildlife Corridor

The Florida Wildlife Corridor connects habitats of over 200 imperiled species.  Here is some information from the FWC website.

With 1,000 new residents moving to Florida every day, development and transportation infrastructure are consuming natural and agricultural lands at a rate of 20 acres per hour. Roads like Interstate 4, while vital to the movement of people, create hard barriers to the movement of wildlife and water.

The remaining wild areas between Tampa and Orlando are quickly becoming isolated. Only three potential natural connection points remain linking the Everglades Headwaters south of I-4 to the Green Swamp north of I-4. As the two most extensive wetlands in the state, they provide freshwater flow to nearly 15 million Floridians.

The mission of the 2018 Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition was to navigate and document one chokepoint of the Corridor that can possibly still be saved. By exploring this narrow, but critical, connection we issue a call to action for additional conservation to protect and restore this remaining wild thread within a growing urban interface.”

The Florida Wildlife Corridor mounts expeditions periodically, documenting the amazing habitats and living creatures. They offer free short documentaries on the website.

The Wild Divide, short video.  This is about Florida’s continental divide and all of its biodiversity.

The European Greenbelt vision is to create an ecological network connected by a corridor snaking from northern to southern Europe – from the Barents Sea at the Russian-Norwegian border, along the Baltic Coast, through Central Europe and the Balkans to the Black and the Adriatic Sea.

ASE article on the American Prairie Reserve.  It has been providing corridors between wildlife preserves in the American West for years.

Both Africa and India have begun to develop wildlife corridors.  I can’t find any large scale project in India.  Please let ASE readers know if you find Indian Wildlife Corridors.

“The bold plan that could save South Africa’s leopards”    This BBC article describes the beginnings of a Pan African wildlife corridors.

On our trips to the African bush, we have heard grand plans to create a Wildlife Corridor from South Africa to Kenya.  I cannot find any successful effort to connect conservation areas across this vast continent, but the Africa Wildlife Foundation is making a start in a number of locations.  Wildlife Corridors.