ridiculus apps we don't need

Ridiculous apps we didn’t know we needed.

I love apps.  They are one of the best things about having smart phones.  They can be fun, and many make life easier. As of 2017 there were over five million apps available from the App store and Google Play combined.  Not all the five million are useful, however, and some are downright ridiculous.  Here is a sampling of the ridiculous ones that you might find amusing.

apps we don't need

The Type n Walk app keeps people from colliding with something or someone when they’re walking and texting at the same time.  It’s a camera that displays an image of what’s in front of you with the keyboard overlaid so you can type messages.  Wouldn’t it be easier just to get to where you’re going and send message then?  $1.00 on iTunes

The Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend apps let you design a boyfriend or girlfriend to your specifications.  The mission is to keep nosy friends and family at bay.  Choose his/her name, age, interests and personality.  You also design the physical aspects – tall, short, blond, brunette or redhead.  You can text away with your fictional significant other.  The texting operation is powered by CrowdSource, a tech company that manages over 200,000 remote, microtask workers.  In other words, it is a real person who is texting you back.  You won’t always get the same person, but they will always be live, breathing adults.  I find that a little creepy. Isn’t it easier to tell friends and family to take a hike when they ask you why you’re not dating?  Also, it costs $25 a month! $25 a month gets you 100 text messages, 10 voicemails and a handwritten note.  $15 a month only gets you texts.

The Annoy-A-Teen Teen app is free and only available for iOS devices.  It creates a high pitch sound that most adults are not able to hear but teens can.  It offers several sound options like pulsing, a constant tone or a changing tone.  There is even a remote option so you can put your device somewhere and turn it on remotely.  My teens were so easy to annoy, I can’t imagine needing to resort to this option.

The Is it Dark Outside? app determines for you if it’s dark or light outside based on your current location and time zone.  Words fail me… – only for iOS and it’s free.

ridiculus app for zippers

The Zips app displays only a zipper on the screen. You can unzip and zip the zipper.  You can also customize the underwear that is revealed when the zipper is unzipped.  Really?  It is free and only available for iOS devices.

This app, Blower, can be used to blow out your birthday candles if you are just too tired after all that partying.  Apparently, iPhones have a blowing, or fan feature.  It is only available for iOS devices and costs $1.99.

This really is a very stupid app.  Hold The Button is a Google Play app and the goal is to hold the button for as long as you can.  The longer you can hold the button the higher on the online worldwide leaderboard you are.  Wow.  It appears to be free.  Whew.

This is might be my favorite!  The Fake-An-Excuse app facilitates ending lengthy telephone calls. The app has 45 realistic sounds to back up the excuse you give.  You could claim being attacked by a swarm of killer bees, being pulled over by the police, tapped by the government, entering an elevator and many more.  The app is free and only available for iOS devices.

funny apps we don't need

The iBeer app is a visual trick that makes the screen look like it is a real glass of beer.  You tilt the iPhone to drink, shake it to foam and it will even look like it’s pouring.  The app is free and is only for iPhones.