How to keep up with your favorite TV shows.

During the pandemic I have watched more TV series than ever.  Many I have loved and watched every episode of every season.  I spend a fair amount of time trying to figure out when the new seasons for my favorites will be released.  I am also a concert fan and concerts have tracking apps that allow users to be notified when their favorite performers are going on tour.  Why wasn’t there something like that for TV shows?  To my great relief, there is.

The Binge Buddy app lets you track your favorite shows so you won’t miss when new episodes are released.  It also lets you track where you are in each season. How many times have you re-watched an episode because you lost track of which one you were on? The app was started by a binge-watching TV fan who was using a spread sheet to follow all her favorite shows.  The app is free with ads, or $1.99 with no ads.

Binge Buddy for iOS

Binge Buddy for Android


TV Time is an app that lets you track the shows and movies you love, offers suggestions of what to watch next, and notifies you when it’s available. They post two reports weekly, the Anticipation Report which are the dramas and miniseries they think you’ll like, and the Binge Report which are the current favorites.

TV Time for Apple

TV Time For Android


The Hobi app gets great reviews.  It describes itself as a “lightweight TV tracker” because it’s easy to set up and manage. Get notifications when new episodes of favorites air, get recommendations for new shows based on what you like, and get information about specific shows and episodes.  It offers a free app with ads and a paid ad-free version.

Hobi for iOS

Hobi for Android


IMDb is a popular go-to source for movie and TV reviews.  The IMDb’s app provides all that information including celebrity news, TV and movie schedules and will alert you when episodes of your favorite shows air. The app is free.

IMDb for iOS

IMDb for Android

Next Episode is an app that is available for both iOS and Android.  It has a “Stuff to Watch” tab that automatically adds new episodes of the shows you are tracking and lets you remove them as you watch them.  It has a custom episode tracking calendar where you can see when new episodes and seasons are airing of any show you list.  The app is free.

Next Episode on iOS

Next Episode on Android

SeriesGuide – Shows & Movie Manager is an app to find TV shows and movies to watch and keep track of your watched episodes and movies.  It will send you notifications for upcoming episodes and sync across your devices.  It will also find shows with new episodes that are similar to the ones you enjoy watching.  It is only available for GooglePlay.

SeriesGuide for Android