Best rain equipment

It is difficult to look chic in the rain, but if Gene Kelly can do it, so can you.  Here are some suggestions for the best rain equipment and outerwear.


Davek has been recommended by George H. as the best small umbrella.

The same subscriber, George H., recommends Gustbuster for large umbrellas.  $39.95 for the 62” in black, hunter or navy.

For private whimsy, choose these sky umbrellas.  They are conventionally black on the outside, with a bright blue sky on the inside.

MoMa umbrellas

Rain boots:

L.L. Bean’s Wellies come in three prints and a solid green for $59.00.

or these cute plaid boots,

LL Bean Rain Boots






Or Hunter Original boots at $140.00 in 12 different colors, and they come with Welly Socks for $36.00.

Hunter Original Rainboots





Don’t want to deal with boots? Slip a pair of Swims over your shoes. These are distant, hipper cousins to those old fashioned galoshes! They are popular in Europe. About $100 a pair.


Target has a Mossimo button raincoat for $39.99 in black or iron.

Rain coat

L.L. Bean has a three quarter raincoat that is lightweight and wrinkle-resistant.  It comes in 5 colors for $139.

At the higher end of the price range, Eleanor Duffy makes coats that are fully water repellant in several different styles, quilted or plain.  They travel well, are stylish and lightweight.  The fabrics are luscious and can go from day to evening. You can choose the outer and lining colors. She has stores in Palm Beach and Nantucket and is carried in other retail stores.  For more information go to

Other rain related oddities:, enter your zip code and the site will you know to bring an umbrella with you.

To read various etiquette tips involving umbrellas go to Vancity article

Just in case you need a little Gene Kelley to pick up your day!