weighted vests

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Adding endurance and bone strength to your pandemic exercise.

I haven’t been to my gym in almost a year due to the pandemic, and I’m not sure I will ever return.  I have adopted new exercise routines, but I worry they aren’t as good as what I could accomplish in the gym.   I am considering getting a weighted vest for my walks.  Weighted vests add intensity to your workouts.  Wearing one while walking, for example, helps build muscle and bone -and increase calorie-burning and endurance. Trainers recommend weighted vests for cardio and bodyweight exercises. Think of it as holding weights except you get to have your hands free.  A weighted vest distributes the additional weight more evenly than holding dumbbells does.

  • When choosing a weighted vest start with one with low weight and gradually increase weight over time. Picking a vest you can adjust is a good strategy.
  • Weighted vests should not exceed 10% of your body weight. (15 pounds for a 150-pound person),
  • Weighted vests are not good for anyone with back or neck problems because they put pressure on your spine.
  • A good weighted vest evenly distributes the weight across the entire body.
  • According to the Harvard Medical School newsletter, weighted vests are great to use when walking because they put pressure on your bones to stimulate the growth of new bone cells which helps fight bone loss.

This CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest can have a maximum of 20 pounds and a minimum of .75lb.  It has a pocket for your cell phone, has neoprene padding for comfort and is made with breathable mesh. It fits both men and women and is one size fits all.  $37.60.

This vest is considered to be one of the most comfortable weighted vests.  It comes with 10 pounds of weights and the capacity to add more. It is good for both men and women.  It has stretch fabric that wicks moisture and resists odors.  It has open sides for ventilation.  $199.99.

This vest has been rated the best for posture.  It is comfortable enough to wear all day.  It comes with 11 lbs. and is good for a hike or just moving around the house.  There is also an 18lb version.  It comes in black or red and is unisex.  $49.99-69.00.

The Challenge Weighted Workoutwear vest is designed specifically for women.  It is made with an inner weight construction and it has a zip front.  It has thin, flexible weights and comes in four sizes.  It comes with four pounds.  $139.99


This is the MOVSTAR Weighted Vest with adjustable weights up to a maximum of 10 pounds.  It is good for running, walking, cardio and strength training.  It is for men and women.  $30.00.