OK.  The time has come.  I’ve laughed out loud too many times not to write about The Daily Skimm.  What’s held me back is my assumption that I was late to the game and everyone was already subscribed.  But, just in case The Daily Skimm has passed even a few of our readers by, I decided an article was a must.

Anyone who has lost or never had a sense of humor can stop reading now.  Anyone who likes their daily news dry, frightening and confusing can also stop reading now.  The Daily Skimm reports several late-breaking important news events in different categories – international, national, sports, entertainment etc.  The charm is in the details.  The articles report the facts, then answer questions that give more details such as ‘what does this mean?’. These two ladies have divine senses of humor.   They are in their 20s and have it going on, for sure!!

While The Daily Skimm will not give you in depth news of the day, you will at least be briefed enough on the top stories to hold your own at any gathering…and you will have been highly amused in the process.