Practical style for your trash

A snappy wastebasket can complete a room, or perk up one that’s a little tired. I am always on the lookout for a great wastebasket and don’t find them easily. These are ones I like.

wastebaskets-navy-white-layla-graceThis navy and white wastebasket is hand painted and made of tole. It is 9.75” wide x 12” high x 9.75” deep. It is also available in gold and white. $160.00.


This gray and white stripe wastebasket is 7.87” x 7.87” square. It is lacquer with horizontal stripes. On sale for $78.99.

wastebaskets-blue-shells-well-appointed-houseI am partial to shells so I love this handmade decoupage wastebasket that comes in three styles. It comes in 11” square with a flat top, 11” square with a scalloped top, or 12” fluted. $132. There is also a matching tissue box.

wastebaskets-tan-and-white-chevronThis tan and white decoupage handmade wastebasket will fit in any room. The chevron pattern also comes in navy, light blue, pink or grey. It comes in three styles – 11” square with flat top, 11” square with scalloped top or the 12” fluted tin. $132.00.

wastebaskets-card-suits-wastebasketThis is a great looking card suit wastebasket. It would look fabulous in a library or study. It has a matching tissue box and comes in the same three sizes described above. $132.00.

wastebaskets-beesThis is a black hand painted wood wastebasket with a silver bee and dot design. It comes with a matching tissue box. The wastebasket is 8” x 8” x 12” and the pair are $74.75.

wastebasket-white-waste-canThis handmade wastebasket’s design is based on the trashcans of Paris. It has thin metal rods and flares at the top. It is a great size at 13” w x 12” h. Line the interior with a trash bag that is easily secured and easily released. $39.95.

wastebaskets-black-rubberThis wastebasket is black rubber coated with a slick interior. It is 8.5” diameter with 10.25” high. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth. $29.95.

wastebaskets-lamont-limited-brownThis wastebasket comes in brown, navy, white, black and natural. They are made from hand spun paper and have a plastic interior. They are 8.8” x 8.8” x 11.2”. They are $18.36 each.


This timeless mirrored wastepaper basket has clean lines. It would ‘catch the light’ in just the right spot. $175.00. Go to to order.