Every now and then my husband introduces me to some fabulous gadget, or the ‘best’ in a category I’ve expressed interest in like headphones or iPad speakers.  In every instance he has learned about the item on The Wirecutter, a website written by a tech gadget junkie.  The tech gadget junkie is constantly researching and testing and only suggests items he would get for his own family. His categories are Headphones, TVs, Projectors, Laptops, Body, Smartphones, Mobile Extras, Small Office, Storage, Computer etc., Cameras, Theater Audio, Networking, Car Stuff, Music, Outdoors, Favorite Bags, Tablets and Print/Scan.  There is a wide range of products covered, but I told you he was a gadget junkie!



Now The Wirecutter has a little sister, The Sweethome, a list of the best home gear, chosen in the same thoughtful and thorough way.  These items have nothing to do with home decorating.  They are functional home gear in the true sense of the word.  You’ll find the best desk chair, duct tape, paper towel, immersion blender and windshield wipers, just to name a few.  The categories are Kitchen, Appliances, Garage, Bathroom, Closet & Laundry, Lawn & Garden, Smarts, Nursery, Home Office, Cleaning and Tools.  Not exactly categories that will yield holiday gifts but you’ll have a well equipped home!