Vogue's 73 questions

Have you always wanted to know more about Blake Lively, Anna Wintour, Amy Adams, Seth Meyers or maybe Daniel Radcliffe?  Vogue magazine and The Scene think you do.  The format is a series of 73 question video interviews, each filmed in one shot set in a personal space of the featured celebrity.  The creator and director, Joe Sabia, really does ask 73 questions in a row in one single take. The series can all be found on You Tube.  Season One has finished shooting and has 11 episodes.

They choose the celebrities to interview from Sabia’s long list of favorite fascinating celebs.  Future celebrities might be the Obamas in the White House or Billy Joel while live on stage, if they agree.  Sabia wishes he could bring back Socrates or Bob Marley.  He’d set Socrates in a Greek diner and Bob Marley in a Russian bath.

The director tries to make the interviews seamless and genuine so there are some surprises, many spontaneous moments, and even a few mistakes. There are no invasive questions, nothing that crosses the line into ‘too personal’, but the celebrities may talk about anything they wish so if they bring up their current relationship or what they are working on, the director goes with it.  Shooting one episode takes six hours on the location and many more hours in prep time.

These are very up close and personal interviews.  The celebs are relaxed and in familiar surroundings.  The format is adapted into the new Internet style we’re all getting used to. It is one take, short questions and answers, more of a ‘digital dialect’.  It’s how the public is currently watching videos.

I loved the episode with Anna Wintour as she moves around Vogue’s offices and ends up in her own office. And, where else can you learn that Matt Lauer’s favorite food is pizza?  These are fun, and highly addictive.

To see all the episodes, go to https://www.youtube.com.