Valentine's Day Chocolate
*Updated for accuracy January 2018

When in doubt, go with Valentine’s Day Chocolates.  Unless, of course, your Valentine is vegan, on a diet, or allergic to the cocoa bean. Instead of being considered thoughtful, you would be in the doghouse.

Here are our favorite online chocolate sources:

From Salem, MA, this company is the oldest candy company in America.   The name, Ye Olde Pepper Companie, is a bit off-putting when thinking about chocolates, but it turns out it was owned by a Mr. Pepper. How does the combination of chocolate, caramel and nuts sound?  Irresistible? Then order up their Turtles.  Can’t decide which nut?  Order their combination box.
1 lb. starting at $21.98.

From John Kelly Chocolates, the dark chocolate with French Grey Sea Salt is wonderful. A box of 4 is $15.50.

See’s makes wonderful chocolates.  We love the Bridge Mix and the Caramel Lollypops.  For Valentine’s Day, however, it is easy to get it right by putting together a custom assortment of your Valentine’s favorites.

Want to make a splash with a big name and a gold box? Godiva’s caramel collection is delicious!

The “most beautiful chocolates” prize may go to Anna Shea.  Her chocolates are works of art.  Each box contains an assortment of flavors chosen by Anna, or you can customize the mix.
A 12 piece box is $25.

Do chocolate chip cookies count?  If they do, go for Tate’s. Their “6 Pack” is $38 and you can order any combination of their cookies.  Or, just stick with the famously thin, crispy, delicious chocolate chip.  A 6 Pack contains 6 eight ounce bags of cookies.


For everything chocolate, go for Tate’s Chocolate Lover’s Tower.  This includes six 5 oz. fudge brownies, their chocolate chip pie, three packages of chocolate chip cookies and two dense chocolate tea loaves.  This sounds too good to be true. $85.

Want a little more chocolate resources? We’re happy to oblige with more of our favorites.

“Forget love… I’d rather fall in chocolate.” S.J.Dykes

Have we missed any? Please let us know in the comments below.

Happy Valentine’s Day or just your average “Enjoy Chocolate Day”!

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