Adding an unusual element to a room.

We moved recently, and I have been consumed with a combination of redecorating and placing the furniture we brought from the old house.  Many of my old lamps did not fit in the new house with more current decorating.  Even before the move, I was always in the mood for things whimsical, unusual or offbeat to catch one’s eye in a room.  Lamps are a great way to do that and I’ve had fun on the lamp hunt.

This is a whimsical Feather Metal Table Lamp from Pier One.   I find it charming, and its white feathers will go with any colors in a room.  It is 16” high and $89.95.

This is a very useful small lamp that can go anywhere.  It is an orb of clear crystal that gives off a nice warm glow.  It is 7.75″W x 7.75″D x 13”H.  $199.00

This lamp has a natural woven rattan base.  It is a neutral color and will fit into any décor.  The shade is 100% linen and is rated for a 9W LED bulb.  The lamp is 15” W x 15” D x 21.5”H with shade and $89.95.

I am partial to animal and bird lamps because I think they’re adorable and lovely.  This is a mini ceramic table lamp of a woodland owl.  I love blue and white so they would certainly go in my house. The lamp is 10” W x 10” D x 16” H.  A set of two lamps is $119.95.

Or buy one owl lamp for $54.95.

This is a pair of wrought iron lamps from Franklin Iron Works.  They have a bronze finish and an X-shaped base.  The lamp comes with a rectangular shade rated for a 9.5W LED bulb.  In the base of each lamp is a USB port to charge smart phones and other devices. Each lamp is 26.5” H.  and the base is 9” W x 8” D.  The pair is $129.99.

These stacked ball lamp comes in navy or orange.  They are tall and lean and come with an off-white shade. It is 31”H x 14” D x 14” W.  A pair in navy is $121.99.  A pair in orange is $210.00.

I love shells, and this Jonathan Adler lamp would be wonderful in a seaside house.  This is an unglazed porcelain seashell on a polished nickel base.  The lamp comes with a grey shade. The lamp is 6” W x 6” D x 38”H with shade.  $695.00

This is called the Tiki Lamp by Dunes and Duchess.  It is painted maple and limed oak.  It comes in five colors.  The shade is not included, and you have color options there as well.  It is 8” W x 34”H.  $550.00.

In the right spot, this is a wonderful lamp.  It is part of Jonathan Adler’s Menagerie Collection, created in their Soho pottery studio. It is 15” Diameter and 29” High.  $395.00.

This lamp is glossy white porcelain wrapped with gold silhouettes of butterflies and beetles. With shade it is 16” diameter x 27” high.  $695.00.

I am crazy about this simple yet eye-catching floor lamp. It has a wooden base with a burnished brass-finished stand topped off by a fun fluted shade. It is 65” H x 28” W with shade.  $229.00.

This is called the Eve Table Lamp by Jonathan Adler.  It is crafted from unglazed white porcelain and topped with a grey silk shade.  The hand reaches up from a polished nickel base. It is 12.5” D x 32.5”H with shade.  It comes with a 3-way switch.  $695.00.

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