unexpected ice cubes

Make ‘cooler’ drinks.

In Seattle this summer, soft drinks and cocktails were being served with a single, ‘King’ ice cube.  Oversized cubes have less surface area, so they melt slowly, cool drinks longer – and dilute less.  They are elegant and add a bit of style to your glass.  You can make these 2” square ice cubes in Tevolo’s silicone tray.  $9 each.  Note: 2” cubes are a useful size for extra broth and baby food.

Bigger cubes freeze more slowly than smaller cubes and some reviewers report that they can pick up smells from the freezer and/or get a less than clear look.  If you get either result, use distilled water, or at least filtered water.  Clean your tray periodically with a 1:1 ration of vinegar to water.  Store your ice cubes in a freezer bag once they are frozen instead of leaving them in the tray.

All of the silicone ice trays I’ve suggested claim to be food and dishwasher safe and BPA free.

unexpected ice cubes round

Mix up your drink with a 2.5” round cube? You twist the top and bottom of the mold together and add water.  Twist off to use the ice.  Set of Two Zoku Silicone Ice Sphere Stackable Ice Ball Molds. $16.99.

This silicone mold makes four, 2” x 2.36”, skull shaped ice cubes.  $11.95

rose shaped ice cubes

Williams Sonoma Rosebud Silicone Ice Molds, Set of 2. $19.95

Williams Sonoma Diamond Ice Molds, Set of 2. $14.95

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