Sipping in style

I adore glassware of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Writing this article has only whet my appetite but sadly, I have no more space in my kitchen cupboards to house more.  I love the variety in this collection of tumblers.


These glasses certainly fooled me!  They are 100% acrylic and can be safely used outside as well as inside.  Hand washing is optimal, but they are upper dishwasher rack safe. There are four colors to choose from. The tall tumblers are 3.5” D x 6.5” H and they hold 22 oz.  The low tumblers are 3.5” D x 4” H and hold 14 oz. A set of six is $62.10.


I am opting for low tumblers for my glass of wine these days.  These are four ‘fine-walled’ tumblers that have a fluted texture.  They are hand-painted in assorted sheer lusters of the same tone.  It is called the Gem Collection because the colors are inspired by semi-precious gems.  They are 2.75” H x 3.25” W and they hold 10 oz.  A set of four is $65.00 and they come in three different colors.









These high tumblers hold 19 oz.  They are 4.75” H x 3.75” W.  $80.00 for a set of 4.












These glasses are a wonderful shape and have been handcrafted by master glassblowers.  They are 2.8” D x 4.3” H and hold 10.8 oz.  They are dishwasher-safe, come in fifteen different colors, and are $159.00 for a set of 6.

These glasses are hand-made from lead-free borosilicate glass.  Each of the six has a unique pattern.  They are 3” W x 3” D x 3.75” H.  Their capacity is 9 oz. They should be hand washed only.  $72.00 for a set of six.


These Hobnail tumblers are designed in the Czech Republic.  They can go in the dishwasher and are 2.6” D x 4.5” H.  They hold 6.75 oz.  There are six colors to choose from.  $20.00 each.


Jonathan Adler calls these the Oculus cocktail glasses.  They are hand blown and are decorated by various eyes.  Each glass measures 3.4” D x 3.7” H and holds 11.8 oz. They are dishwasher safe on the top rack.  A set of four is $75.00.


These old fashion glasses have a 12 oz. capacity. They come in four colors and are 3.63” H x 3.25” W x 3.25” D.  $36.00 for two glasses.


These glasses are made from durable borosilicate glass.  They are 2.17” H x 2.95” x D and have a 12 oz. capacity. A set of two is $40.00.


These glasses are hand blown, lightweight and thermos-shock resistant.  They are perfect for everyday use.  They are dishwasher safe.  They are 3.5” D x 4.1” H and have a 15.84 oz. capacity. A set of six is $159.00.


These glasses are designed in Italy, crafted from colored glass and hand blown by artisans.  There are seven colors to choose from. Each glass is 2.8” D x 4.3” H and the volume is 10.82 oz.  A set of six is $138.00.


These glasses are a pale green and are called juice glasses.  They should be hand washed and not put in the microwave.  They are 4.25” H x 2.5” D and hold 9.5 oz. A set of four is $24.00.


Subscriber Susan G. says that these Lente Brasso Tumblers remind her of her grandmother’s Palm Beach lunch table – although they are made of heavy acrylic.  They are 4.25” tall and hold 16 ounces.  Hand-wash only. In white, royal blue and turquoise.  $22 each