Traditional Decorative Ceramic Vases for Forced Tulip Bulbs and Cut Flowers

After my article on étagerès, reader Nancy G. wrote and asked if I’d write about tulipieres. I had never heard of a tulipière, but was happy to oblige.

A tulipiere is a tulip grower and cut flower holder. It is usually ornate and made from pottery, specifically Delft earthenware. Tulipieres are made to accommodate one bulb per spout and all the bulbs share a common water reservoir. Many people also use a tulipiere as a vase for cut flowers. Experts vary in opinion, but the consensus seems to be that they were created both to force tulip bulbs to bloom indoors as well as for cut flowers. They are rare today, and antique tulipieres fetch steep prices. New tulipieres are few and far between, and prices range from moderate to very high. Vintge tulipieres on the market can fetch very high prices. If you are interested in collecting an antique tulipiere check Ebay or 1st Dibs.


This new tulipiere, in the shape of an artichoke, can be used for tulips as well for arranging cut flowers. The top is removable for placing a bulb inside. It will be back in stock in early November.  It is 9”H x 6.5”W x 6.5”D.   $39.99.

This tulipiere is a vintage Canton blue and white Chinoiserie blub pot.   It has six holes in the bottom and three in the top. It is in three separate pieces and when placed together measures 10”W x 7”H. $85.00.

This is a very pretty newly handcrafted green artichoke tulipiere. The top is removable to place a bulb inside. It is 10”H x 7”W. $36.30.

The same maker produces this new red artichoke tulipiere which is handcrafted and patterned after the antique originals. It is also 10”H x 7”W. $36.30.

This is a reproduction of a classic antique tulipiere. This Blue Ming tulipiere from Frontgate is hand-painted the traditional blue and white Ming finish. It is 30”H x 10.5” in diameter and weighs 19 pounds. $499.00.

This is a white antiqued tulipiere by Chelsea House. Overall dimensions are 15.5”H x 8”D. It is $228.00.

This is a very pretty green and white artichoke tulipiere, larger than the one above. It is 13”H x 9.5”W. It is $69.60.


This is a large size Chinese pagoda-style tulipiere reproduction. It will be in stock in mid to late September. It is 33”H x 7.5”W. $225 each, $435 for a pair.

This is a petite tulipiere that has four openings to display single blooms. It is the top of a tower of three, or can sit on its own. It is 4.5”W x 6”H. $88.00.

The complete tower of three is $695.00.

Header graphic credit – The Enchanted Home