The Friday Bulletin May 17, 2019


I was recently introduced to Vietnamese Coffee and boy is it yummy! It is made with coarse ground coffee, usually dark roast. Boiling water is poured over the grounds in a coffee press. The press is then covered, and the coffee drips into your coffee cup. The secret is the 2 tablespoons of condensed milk that are in the bottom of your coffee cup waiting to be mixed with the hot coffee dripping down. Very delicious. It also makes wonderful iced coffee.

Click here for the recipe




A 6 oz. Vietnamese coffee press with screw-down insert is $8.99.



An alternative to buying a press is to use these single-use disposable paper filters sets. The set comes with the coffee and condensed milk. A 5 pack is $14.24.

Where has been all my life? I’ve been trying to be a better human for FOREVER!! What being better at being human means to the founder of Raptitude is to learn the skills we weren’t taught in school. Here they are:

  • Managing your moods and reactions
  • Stopping your mind from talking so much
  • Losing your self-consciousness and shyness
  • Getting over the past
  • Setting up a life that makes use of your talents
  • Quitting habits that drain you
  • Dealing with problems without getting mad
  • Enjoying ordinary moments like waiting for the bus
  • …and dozens more.

When I discovered this blog I felt I could spend the rest of the day doing a deep dive into all the past articles I wanted to read. Check out this post called 88 Important Truths I’ve Learned About Life.


Seaweed by the sheet – Thin sheets of dried seaweed are called Nori. They have a briny flavor and are usually used as wrappers for sushi rolls, or as additions to both savory and sweet dishes. Korean-style nori is often eaten as a snack because it is crisper, thinner and seasoned with oil and salt.

For to 50-sheet packs of Korean style nori – $19.60.

I hope that you are not phubbing someone right now. What is phubbing? It is snubbing someone by paying attention instead to a mobile device like a phone, iPad or computer. A study shows that ‘partner phubbing’ can cause issues in a relationship. Phubbing other people is just rude.