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Packing just what you need

“A Sharp Eye readers might find these suggestions helpful  as the rules are changing, and it is easy to have a disaster if you do not plan ahead for international travel from the USA these days.”  Sharon Lorenzo


  1. Baggage restrictions: I always abide by the airline baggage allowance for my ticket to avoid the very high fees that you can encounter if you bring too many suitcases for check in. The weight restrictions are also very important, and I use my bathroom scale to check to make sure mine are not too heavy. Sturdy name tags are also a must for all luggage.
  2. Electronics: I have invested in an international converter so that when I get to a hotel I have the right plug for my needs with a computer, telephone, and iPad. I also travel now with an extension cord with multiple plugs for my three devices.
  3. Shoes and Boots: I start with my needs for the trip as these take up the most room in the suitcase, trying to pack for day and night needs. I usually take sneakers for daily walking and rubber soled shoes for good traction.
  4. Outfits: I start with my usual navy blue, black, and brown slacks and then match tee-shirts for each to keep my volume down. I always throw in one wrinkle free dress  in case something fancy comes up during the trip.
  5. Jewelry: Because of TSA inspection of all checked luggage, I never take any jewelry that I cannot live without as it is so easy for something special to be lost. A word to the wise is sufficient!
  6. Reading: I am thrilled to be able to add books to my iPad, Kindle  or Nook now to avoid the  heavy books that I used to take along. I find that then I have many choices to keep busy during my days on the road.
  7. Irreplaceable and beloved coats: I used to travel with my favorite coat in the winter, but when I ‘lost’ it at a restaurant from a coat check those days are over.  I have a lovely simple coat and if it walks away my heart will not be broken.
  8. Medicines: I now have a list of medicines and make- up that I carry with me in my purse just in case my suitcase is lost or delayed.  Larger things like shampoo and hairspray I have in small containers that I put in my suitcase.
  9. Snacks: I bring my favorites along just in case I get the munchies!  My current favorites are the KIND bars and Wheat Thins – and gummy bears when I am enroute to see the grandchildren.
  10. Glasses: I am a fan of pharmacy glasses if you just need reading assistance and having sat on my last pair, I keep a spare with me at all times as I am lost without them!

I hope these tips resonate for those who have been lost or stranded without the basics that you might need during international travel.

Written by Sharon Lorenzo


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