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Sun protective clothing that is comfortable and chic.

I have a history of melanoma in my redheaded family. All of my fun in the sun combined with lazy application of sunscreen has come back to haunt me. To compensate for my lax approach to sun protection earlier in life, I now have a regular routine of skin protection sun block – Elta MD, for my face ($37.00)and body ($40.00).  I also use CVS Clear Zinc ($7.29), plus Nocotiamide, which is lab proven as an effective over-the-counter dietary supplement to help prevent skin cancer.

I buy it on Amazon from Biophix.  $25.55.


I exercise outside a great deal, and I have found excellent sun-protective clothing; finding breathable, stylish, wrinkle-proof, long-sleeved tops and golfing pants for 80-degree summer days has been a real challenge.


Here are my best results for stylish, non-boxy athletic long-sleeved tops, most with breathable mesh in the under part of arm.





IBKUL – These come in many patterns, solids, and styles.  Prices for the sun-protective long-sleeve style range from $84.00 – $97.00.







Sans Soleil is very similar to IBKUL.  It has short and long sleeve sun protective tops in many patterns and solid colors.  The prices are similar.




Peter Millar carries 50+ sun protective tops for women and men.  The long-sleeve tops for women are between $99.00 and $125.00.  They do not have the extensive inventory of the other two retailers, but I like all the colors and patterns that Peter Millar offers.



Pants are more difficult, especially lightweight pants. To protect your legs from the sun, you should look for lightweight, wrinkle-free travel pants.  There don’t seem to be many pants in sun-protective fabric.

Anatome carries a “travel pant” that does not wrinkle and dries easily. Fabulous for golfing or travel. My friend recently took a pair for a week of golf, played in the pants and then dined in the wrinkle free pant and no one was the wiser.   These pants are wrinkle-resistant, have some stretch, are quick to dry, easy to care for, lightweight and great to travel with. There are many styles to choose from, all come in several colors, and they are $148.00 – $250.00 a pair.

The pair pictured above is a high-waisted pant with an invisible side zip.  It has a slim fit, zippered pockets and is in a lightweight stretchy fabric. $148.00.


Rohnisch is a European store that is sized for tiny-hipped Europeans, so I went up a size.  This Embrace golf pant comes in five colors, is comfortable in a pull-up style with a high waist and a slim, straight leg.  The fabric has a two-way stretch, so it keeps its shape. $130.00.




N’VO offers four classic styles of pants currently.  They are lightweight, UV protected and look great.







Peter Millar has this Dynamite Technical Pant in three colors.  They are made from a stretch performance blend, with elastic at the back waist and a side zipper.  They sit just above the waistline and have quarter-top side pockets, back jean pockets.  They can be machine-washed and tumbled dry.  $129.00.



Don’t forget hats, hats and hats! 

What to look for in a hat:   Lightweight and breathing holes really help with the heat in the summer.  Hats are better than visors because they protect the face better, and if you have any hair coloring, hats protect the hair from turning orange in the sun.

Coolibar has lots of styles and colors for UPF 50+ sun hats. The one pictured is the Lenny Sport Cap and comes in six colors.  $39.00.

Woolaroo has great looking hat styles with many colors to choose from.  Their UPF50+ fabric blocks 97.5% of ultraviolet rays.  The one pictured above is the Fedora Palm Beach hat with a 2.75” brim.  It has an adjustable elastic fit system and is $53.00.







Solumbra makes women’s Water Legs that are comfortable, flattering and excellent sun protection of 100% with the Solumbra II fabric. Solid colors with a stripe are $114.95 a pair.  Solid colors with no stripe are $109.95.



Solumbra also makes many sun-protective tunics and cover-ups.  This boyfriend shirt is lightweight, has an underarm mesh and has 100+ SPF.  It can be machine washed.  Solid colors are $109.95 and prints are $114.95.





Coolibar’s Women’s Lawai Ruche Swim Shirt has UPF 50+ and comes in ten colors. It can be worn as a longer tunic or as a shirt by cinching up the sides. It is great cover to wear into the water over a bathing suit. It is $89.00.


Cabana Life has swimsuits in many colors and styles.  This long sleeve suit is UPF 50+ and is machine washable.  It comes in twelve colors and is on sale for $77.00.


Here are some more ideas for fashion, comfort and protection;

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