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The Creativity Caravan is touring the U.S with 300 tiny books

“The older I get, the more I’m conscious of ways very small things can make a change in the world”… Sandra Cisneros

Maya Stein and Amy Tingle are both New Jersey based poets who have embarked on several literary projects together to encourage people to tap into their creative expression. A recent project was a 1,400-mile tandem bike ride from Boulder, CO to Beloit, WI sharing their poetry and helping to build Little Free Libraries in the Midwest. They had raised the money on Kickstarter to build small libraries that allow people to openly share various types of literature. The Little Free Library mission is to encourage literacy and reading practices as well as build community through the sharing of books. The Little Libraries can be the size of breadboxes, filled with books donated by residents in various communities. People come together over a glass of wine and free food to exchange books.

Their latest literary project is called the Tiny Book Show and is made up of 300 miniature handmade books, housed in their 1965 Covered Wagon trailer called MAUDE (Mobile Art Unit Designed for Everyone). The-Tiny-Book-Show---caravan Last year a call went out for artists and writers, amateurs and professionals, to submit Tiny Book entries. Anyone could submit an entry. The-Tiny-Book-Show---book-being-heldThe Tiny Books are made by people of all ages, backgrounds and skill sets, and are about a wide variety of topics. They measure about 1-3” square At each of their stops they will also host tiny book workshops. MAUDE will essentially be a Tiny Book museum.

The Tiny Book Show is on the move and has been since mid-March. It will make about 40 stops across the country. The-Tiny-Book-Show---map It will be touring the U.S. until mid-August. Go to the website below to see a calendar of all their stops. The-Tiny-Book-Show---books











See a short You Tube about the show.

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