Fun kitchen timers
April, 2019 ~This article has been updated for accuracy 

Kitchen timers have gotten very appealing and are now a category to give as gifts or collect.  If I weren’t already committed to collecting unusual salt and pepper sets, I would definitely start collecting kitchen timers!  They make fun stocking presents, hostess gifts or fun new items for your own kitchen.

This stainless steel egg is a very good-looking 60 minute timer.  $7.99.


This yellow lemon 60 minute timer is perfect for a kitchen.  $4.99.


My mother loves owls so this 60 minute owl timer is definitely going in her stocking. It also comes in five other colors.


Partial to ladybugs?  This 60 minute timer is very sweet.


I love anything with a sense of humor.  This piggy timer makes me laugh.  Under $8.00.



These timers don’t have as much whimsey, but they do have easy-to-read digits, a 24-hour alarm, and magnetic stand. $16.97

This 60 minute wing nut wind up timer also comes in black and white. Designed by Michael Graves, and $42.00.


For the music lover, this turntable timer is perfect.  $13.99.


I love this retro magnetic timer with a magnetic back. It is 2.5” in diameter and $14.95.

retro magnetic kitchen timer

This mechanical chicken timer is palm size and $9.95.

cute kitchen timer

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