Fashionable bug jewelry

Fashionable bug jewelry is often costume jewelry ‘bling’ but if real it is made from a combination of gold, precious or semi-precious stones and enamel for accurate color. I have a friend who adores ladybugs and wears anything with a ladybug.  Scarabs are beautiful and are often designed to look like beetles, and bees are very popular.  Of course, there are those who find it creepy, but when done well, bug jewelry is very sophisticated and chic.

I happen to be partial to bee jewelry.  I love this bee pin.  It is $75.00.


The bee pin has matching earrings for $124.00.


These gold tone ladybug earrings are charming.  $40.00.


This spider cuff bracelet is leather with crystal and gold.  Custom made for $65.00 – $75.00.


Butterflies are also appealing.  This Alexander McQueen butterfly necklace is $345.00.


Ladybugs bring good luck, and so will these silver-plated earrings. They are 1” drops.   $14.99.


This dragonfly cuff is beautiful.  It is designed to your specifications.  $75.00 – $90.00.


Ebay has many items in the bug jewelry category, much of it vintage.  This vintage pink and blue rhinestone enamel bug brooch sold for $18.99. See what’s currently for sale.


This bumblebee bangle bracelet is handmade from brass, and made to order.  It is $14.95.


If you love vintage and fun bling, see our article for more great resources.