Presidency as entertainment

Movies and TV shows about the American Presidency

Does the inundation of daily press about the Presidential election not satisfy your need for all things presidential? Then here are some other options:

If you binge watch the following two television shows about the office of the president you will be sufficiently horrified and will consider moving to Canada –

Scandal is a drama about a political fixer named Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) who has an affair with the president and gets involved in many, many other issues as well. Season 5 just finished so you have some watching to do. I love it but I hope it’s not based on fact.


House of Cards also just finished its fifth season. This drama scared me so much that I was unable to watch the second season. The characters are evil. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are terrific, but be warned – if this is what really goes on in Washington we are in BIG trouble!

The-presidency-as-Entertainment---House-of-CardsThese movies and shows are inspiring and/or thought provoking –

Remember West Wing, the political drama to end all political dramas? It was one of the best-written television shows ever. You can binge watch all seven seasons and then tune into a new podcast by Joshua Malina, who played Will Bailey, a speechwriter in the Bartlett administration. The podcast, West Wing Weekly, will break down every episode and invite insiders and fans to join in.

The-Presidency-as-Entertainment--West-WingIf you are still searching for more presidential screen time, watch All The President’s Men, the 1976 political thriller starring Robert Redford, Jason Robards and Dustin Hoffman among many others. It is based on the book of the same title about the Watergate scandal and it’s fabulous. It won 4 Oscars.

The-Presidency-as-Entertainment---All-the-President's-MenPrimary Colors, 1998, is Mike Nichols’ screen version of Joe Klein’s novel and is a comedy-drama. It starred John Travolta, Emma Thompson and Kathy Bates and is loosely based on Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign. It was nominated for 2 Oscars.

The-Presidency-as-Entertainment---Primary-Colors-2Another comedy-drama is Dave, a 1993 film starring Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver and Ben Kingsley. Dave is a presidential impersonator and gets a call from the Secret Service to actually make an appearance as the president. One thing leads to another…. it’s very sweet. It was nominated for an Oscar.


The American President is a 1995 rom-com starring Michael Douglas, Martin Sheen, Michael J. Fox, Richard Dreyfuss and Annette Benning. Michael Douglas plays a widowed U. S. president who is running for re-election with a 63% approval rating. He pins his hopes on a new crime control bill. He falls in love with a lobbyist played by Annette Benning but when a Republican opponent learns of their involvement he targets an attack in the press on the president’s values, damaging the president’s approval rating even more.   It was nominated for an Oscar.

The-Presidency-as-Entertainment---Primary-ColorsBy the time you finish watching all of this, the campaign season might finally be at an end!