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Dear ASE Readers:

Ginny and I come across interesting, important and useful bits of information constantly –many from ASE readers. We feel they’re worth a share. We’re excited to announce our Friday Bulletin.  Most Fridays our article will be a compilation of information bites we think are worthy of a mention as you glide into your weekend. We encourage and welcome your comments at the end of every article.


For your appointment TV needs, wouldn’t you love to know when your favorite TV programs will be returning for their new seasons? You can now find that out by going to Return Dates or Collider or Rotten Tomatoes.

Nashville fans will be happy to hear that the show will be back June 7th on CMT at 9 PM.

Let us know which website you like best.




A new Australian app will help us eat more veggies by challenging its users to add extra vegetables to their daily diets. The app is called VegEze and you can join a 21 day “Do 3 at Dinner” challenge. Users eat 3 different veggies at dinner every night for 21 days. The app helps you track intake. It is free for iOS.




Ginny and I fell in love with Flat Whites – a new coffee experience for us – when we were in New Zealand. If you haven’t tried a Flat White at Starbucks because you weren’t sure what it was, a Flat White has an even mix of liquid milk and smooth foam on top of the espresso. Like a latte, you can have a single or double shot of espresso, but while a latte is milky coffee, a flat white tastes like you are drinking a yummy espresso drink. A Flat White is a more intense coffee experience. The Starbucks Flat White has 220 calories.



Check out the first 5 episodes of a new Netflix program launched in January. We Speak Dance follows Alvin Ailey trained dancer Vandana Hart as she travels the world to learn traditional and urban dance styles from the local experts.

Check out this trailer.




Spring and summer colds are the worst!! Apparently, men suffer much more from colds than women do, at least that is what The Man Cold video would have us believe. Very funny!




Note:  Also launching soon is “Ask a Millennial”.  Please send us the questions you’ve been wanting to ask.