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Do you write?  Are you interested in writing? Check out the Better Humans blog article How to be a Better Writer” by Gareth Branwyn. It is a comprehensive report, but one of my favorite tips is about finding your sounding board person or people to help you edit. Author Stephen King advises finding people you trust and designating them as The Readers.   Write for those people.

This is a popular meme making the rounds now, via text, and doesn’t it bring back memories?  How many times did one of our kids ask for fast food and we replied that we had good food at home?  This popular tech meme version of that question and response uses a photo of Mom’s version of ‘good food’ at home.

The best way to find a meme you’ve heard about but haven’t seen is to go to   (A meme is explained in this article Ask a Millenial what do you mean?)


Drinking a lot of sparkling rosé this summer?  Keep the carbonation in an open bottle with a bottle stopper like this one from William Sonoma for $7.00.  It also allows you to store the bottle on its side without any leaking.






Season 4 of Granchester became available on PBS Masterpiece on July 14th.  There are 6 episodes.





Where to donate to help the Bahamas:

In case you missed this New York Times article about where and how to make donations to help the Bahamas after Dorian, click here.


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