Neti pot, Friday bulletin

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The Dumb Dads press conferences are hilarious.  Their latest, Back to School,  from last week, shouldn’t be missed.

Here is the first one, equally amusing.

From Wilbur’s of Maine, chocolate confections, a candy BBQ kit for the kids to create at home.  You will need a microwave, a bowl, and a spoon for stirring.  Here is a video of the kit.  When I last checked, it seemed that the kits were being re-supplied.  Check this link, and do a search. $9.95 

I began to recommend using saline solution from the pharmacy instead of a neti pot because, unless you are using boiled or sterilized water, you could be flushing bacteria through your sinuses. I just had a pressurized aerosol saline mist highly recommended to me.  It’s sterile and moisturizes nasal passages as it clears congestion.  It’s called Simply Saline by Arm & Hammer. 3 oz. for $7.89.


Reddit posted a question asked by u/colorfulsoul –

What improved your quality of life so much, you wish you did it sooner?

The thread is worth reading.  The entries included: working less than 40 hours a week, going to the gym, turning off push notifications for every app, investing in a very good chef’s knife, only allowing incoming calls from Contacts and many, many more.  I found some intriguing ideas that I am considering.