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Dying to wear one of those physics-defying dresses that should expose the wearer’s boobs but doesn’t?  The trick is double-sided apparel tape. It helps in other fashion ‘situations’ as well, like a hem that suddenly falls, or a blouse that gaps.   $9.95 a tin.

CamToPlan PRO

If you are decorating or planning a renovation, this DIY app is highly rated for using the video camera on your phone to measure a room in 3D.  It measures distances and surfaces and allows you to draw your plans horizontally and vertically in seconds.  There is an interactive 3D rendering view that allows your plans to come to life.  There is also a compass so you can see how your plans are oriented.

For Apple $24.99

For Android $9.99

Former minister Susan Walker founded the ibu company in 2013.  After 18 years studying world religions at Harvard’s Divinity School and having ministries in Maine, San Francisco and Charleston, she turned her attentions to fiber arts and learned to weave.  She began to work with women’s cooperatives around the world to ‘preserve their skills and stories in cloth’ and to provide them economic self-sufficiency.

Ibu Cocktail napkins, available in                                               Large fringe drop earrings – $135.00

25 colors.  $25.00 for a set of four.  To shop

My daughter gave me this Lexon Mino speaker and I am wild about it.  It connects easily by Bluetooth to my iPad, phone and laptop – and the sound quality is amazing.  It has earned a place in my travel routine.  I have read that if I buy a second speaker, I can produce stereo sound, but I am happy with listening to music, movies and TV with the single, tiny speaker. The Mino can be used as a selfie remote trigger and it has a microphone for hands-free conference calls. 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches

 Lexon MINO – Ultra Portable, Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker.  $29.90.  Available in 18 colors.


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