Sarah Cooper

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How did Sarah Cooper attract millions of followers in just a few months?  The author and comedian became a huge Tik Tok star with her perfectly lip-synced impressions of Donald Trump.  They are very funny.  She will have a Netflix comedy special this fall called Sarah Cooper:  Everything’s Fine, produced by Maya Rudolph.  If that weren’t enough, she is working on a CBS comedy based on her book How to be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings $14.39.

Check out her videos here.

While we’re at it, another Tik Tok star, Caitlin Reilly,  is so good at impersonating Annoying People that it almost makes viewers uncomfortable. She is a writer, actor and comedian and she perfectly captures the personalities of all the Annoying People in our lives.   She has “The Co-Worker You Hate During a Zoom Meeting”, “LA Mom Gives her Assistant the Grocery List”, “WASP MOM at the Nail Salon” and many more.


I am sad that summer is over, but a bright spot every fall is Trader Joe’s new fall foods. This fall, here are the items that sound delicious to me.  The pandemic has created lines outside my favorite Trader Joe’s, but it’s always worth it.




I began cooking with tahini for the first time during quarantine and the recipes were delicious.  I can’t wait to try Trader Joe’s new Herbed Tahini Sauce which is described as garlicky and herbaceous and perfect to drizzle over roast chicken, grilled vegetables or used as a dip. $2.99 for 8 oz.

Walnut Pesto sounds good enough to try.  It has California walnuts with olive oil, Parmesan cheese and spices.  It can be used as a pasta sauce or a dip or spread. $1.99 for 8 oz.



Pumpkin empanadas are getting lots of kudos for being flaky and filled with a yummy creamy pumpkin filling.  Just heat them up and devour.  $2.99.





Just typing the name of this delicious looking product makes me drool.  Sweet Corn, Burrata and Basil Ravioli.  You can use the walnut pesto as a sauce, of just brown some butter with sage leaves and you’re done. It’s also freezer friendly. $3.49 for a package of 15 ravioli.



If you are like me and a bit jealous of friends and colleagues who have mastered the ‘virtual background’ on Zoom, here is a short video that will teach you to place yourself in front of the Golden Gate Bridge or on a tropical island – or in my case – Table Mountain and Mount Rainier.

The Zoom instructions are clear, and it is easy.  You will need to download the free Zoom app on your device and set up a Zoom account.  Then you can upload images of your own favorite places and ‘pretend’ that they are in the background of your next Zoom call.

The next step will be obvious next to ‘virtual backgrounds’ you can choose ‘video filters’ where you can virtually don Paul McCartney glasses, a pirate patch, a graduation cap, or many, many more.

Hint: Zoom asks if you have a ‘green screen’ behind you.  This is a green background which the pros use behind them when they are adding a virtual background.  Amazon Green Screens.

This green disk folds into a 21” storage bag.  It attaches to your desk chair and provides a 56” green background.  Looks ideal to me, but I am not clear that a clear virtual background is worth $75.  Webaround Portable Webcam Background, Big Shot