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The Museum of Ice Cream, a pop-up exhibit in NYC several years ago,  is returning to the city permanently this fall.  The space will be almost 25,000 square feet spread among three floors.  The only other flagship location is in San Francisco. This is not your usual museum – the company’s goal is to “create multi-sensorial installations that connect people and spread joy”. This is an experience museum. They have already launched a line of branded ice cream, available at Target stores for $4.99 a pint.  There will also be a clothing line for Target and makeup at Sephora.  The Museum of Ice Cream NYC will be located in Soho.

We received a recommendation from an ASE reader whose judgement we trust that If you are in Fairfield County, CT, Grace Farms in New Canaan CT is worth a visit.  It is set on 80 acres and was established with the idea that space communicates and can inspire people to collaborate for good. To realize this vision, Grace Farms Foundation set out to create a multipurpose building nestled into the existing habitat that would enable visitors to experience nature, encounter the arts, pursue justice, foster community, and explore faith.” The River Building was designed to be part of the landscape yet maintain a constant connection with the outside environment through its glass walls. It hosts a variety of activities and events. In addition, there are two barns with meeting rooms and offices. It is open six days a week to the public, and free.  The public can enjoy both planned and unstructured programs to include lectures, special performances, community dinners, recreational activities and walking trails. A quick glance at the calendar for the last week of September had a community dinner, a lecture on “What’s Worth Wanting?”, Birdwatching/Fall Migration, Open Arts Studio for Families, a Grace Farms Tour, Astronomy at Grace Farms/Fall Constellations and more…I can’t wait to go!

The Vinglacé company founders’ goal was to create a product that would keep drinks cool but would not give the drinks a metallic taste.  They sell a portable wine chiller, and a wine glass that is stainless outside and glass inside. The wine chiller comes in 12 colors and start at $89.95.  The glasses are stemless, come in four colors and are $34.95 each.

world population cartogram

ASE subscriber Charlotte S. recommends this World Population Growth article on the changes in population distribution across the globe. The maps are drawn to show the number of people, not the land area of each continent.  It is called a ‘population cartogram’. Countries with limited land area and lots of people no longer look like ‘small’ countries.  Just look at Japan, Indonesia and Mexico – and compare them to Canada.

world population growth graph

It offers historical trends, perspective on our world today and projections for the future.  It is a long article and worth your time.  It says that the absolute peak year for world population growth was 1980, but today humanity still grows by over 90 million people each year.

Hans Rosling’s concept of ‘peak child’ is explained.  It is the tipping point beyond which the birth rate declines to the moment when the number of working age people increases to outnumber the children they support.  This gives the world a ‘demographic dividend’.  It leaves us to ponder the result of longer life spans and more retirees – workers are outnumbered by the people they support. World Population Growth

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