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Camel Camel Camel is a website that tracks the prices of items on Amazon. You create a price alert for items you’d like to purchase and Camel Camel Camel will send you alerts when prices drop.  You can also view the price history of millions of Amazon products.


A “green” tip:

Did you know that most of the carbon footprint from wine comes from the heavy glass wine bottles and their transportation?  Americans are pretty good about recycling glass bottles, but only 30% of them are actually reused.  Wine consumers could make an enormous difference to the environment by buying wine in alternative containers.  Wine is currently being sold in pouches, cans and boxes, all lighter weight and cheaper to transport than glass bottles.


David Attenborough, at 94, has just released a 90 minute documentary on Netflix about his life, the history of life on earth, the tragedy of the loss of habitats and wilderness, and his hope and vision for the future.  He is amazing.

It is getting colder outside and who knows whether we are going to feel comfortable going to the gym. Subscriber Frannie B. suggests balancing on a Wobble Board.  It tilts 360 degrees and is easy to store.  Wobble Board. $29.99.

There are lots of suggested exercises for balance and strength.  Here are some beginner balance board exercises for squats, lunges, pushups, straight arm planks, and calf raises. Wobble board exercises.

Here is one:

Key Focus Area:  Glutes, thighs, core


  • Stand on the balance board with your feet on the outer edges. Stand upright in a neutral spine position.
  • After establishing your balance, slowly lower down into a parallel squat position, bringing your hands together in front of you.
  • Hold the bottom position as you balance to keep the edges of the board from touching the floor.
  • Slowly rise back to the start position. It is imperative throughout this movement that you do not round your back or hunch over.


Here is what happened earlier this week;

totes to customize

Bags to Customize or Buy Ready-Made


Paperless, Unpaper Towels