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snippet of Joanna Gains

Are you missing Fixer Upper and Chip & Joanna Gaines?  Me too!  Good news! It turns out they missed us as well and the show is coming back! After a 3-year hiatus,  it will be back with new episodes in 2021.  The original version, that ran for 5 years, was on HGTV.  The new show will be on the Gainses’ Magnolia Network.  Originally it was going to debut this October but the pandemic delayed filming.  Filming is due to begin soon but there is no date set for the 2021 launch.

Snippet about Fizzle

Subscriber Kate I. told me about because she thought Ginny and I might find it helpful with A Sharp Eye.  She was right.

Fizzle will help you start that online business you’ve been daydreaming about.  Over the past eight years the Fizzle team has helped thousands of ‘budding entrepreneurs’ and found that success comes down to four things:  tenacity, ideas, execution and support.

The first step is to join Fizzle.  The first month is $1.00, and after that it’s $39/month or $349 a year.  Included in your membership are 35+ video courses taught by real business owners, the Fizzle Roadmap – the 9-stage small business roadmap to guide your journey, managed WordPress hosting, live weekly coaching, discussion groups, 30+ founder interviews and mastermind group matching.

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short video of Joe Buck

For a quick laugh, watch sportscaster Joe Buck honing his announcing skills during quarantine with  play-by plays on fans’ home movie submissions.  They are hilarious!

snippets of panda cams

Have you heard that a Giant Panda cub was born to Mei Xiang at 6:35 p.m., Aug. 21, 2020.  You can check in on mother and cub on the National Zoo panda cams.  Panda Cams 1 and 2.

NY Times coverage of the 22-year-old Giant Panda mother and cub.


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safe entertaining

Extending the Warmth of Summer for Safe Entertaining


breads made from yeast and sourdough

Yeast and Sourdough Starter