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Finally!  Last Tango in Halifax fans have been waiting patiently for Season 4 of this wonderful comedy/drama and it is here!  It is a British series that began in 2012 and won the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series.  It is on PBS Sunday evenings.  You can stream the episodes you’ve missed.

Everyone registered to vote on November 3 is being urged to figure out how you want to vote (mail or in person) and try to do it as early as possible.  To find out what your state allows and the best way to vote, go to Early Voting.

Sounds of the Forest is a collection of woodlands and forest sounds from all over the world.  It is a ‘growing soundmap of aural tones and textures from the world’s woodlands’ and will be presented at 2021’s Timber Festival.

The National Forest Company is the UK’s environmentally-led regeneration project, spanning 200 square miles across parts of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire.  It is the first new forest in England in 1,000 years.  Over 8.5 million trees have been planted by communities and landowners, increasing woodland cover to 20%, all in the past 25 years. It joined Wild Rumpus, a not for profit “where arts and culture meet the natural environment” to create the annual International Forest Festival.

Attention to all of you who wore (and loved) Jack Rogers sandals.  JR is offering us a new, extremely comfortable, version of their classic sandal.  They have a rubber sole, a molded foam foot-bed and a top layer of soft leather. The pair I wear has been approved (and envied) by chic adult daughters.  They sold out quickly last winter and are available for pre-order now for late November delivery.  Available in six colors. $138.


The West Wing reunion debuted yesterday on HBO in partnership with @WhenWeAllVote. Most of the original cast is back and all the idealism, heart and verbal dexterity will be on stage. A well-read TV president with a moral compass is encouraging people to vote.


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The Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Comfort Food in a Bowl