poor sleepers

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Are you a poor sleeper?  A recent segment on the Today reported that 7 out of 10 Americans do not get enough sleep.  Take this quiz to see where your sleeping falls – healthy or unhealthy?


Do not tell any anxious friends about this website.  Days Since Incident keeps track of the number of days since the last earthquake, typhoon, tsunami, asteroid impact, volcanic eruption, tornado and 39 other ‘acts of God’ type of weather incidents.  It is unusual to say the least, but fun to browse.


Gabriel & Simone sells a wide variety of reading glasses.  They offer them in quarter-strength steps which is very nice. There are many styles and colors to select from.  Prices range from $24.99 – $39.99




Dolly Parton has just launched her new line of dog clothes and accessories.  The collection is called Doggy Parton and part of the sales proceeds will go to Willa B Farms, an animal rescue center.  She partnered with SportPet Designs and has created over 20 products that include everything from collars, cowboy hats, pink dresses and blond wigs. Amazon Doggy Parton store.