Jeopardy Game Show

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I am loving the Marc Jacobs compact with a brush – The Accomplice Instant-Blur Finishing Powder.  It is easy to use, I love that the brush is in the top of the compact, and the bristles are soft.  This  touch-up powder reduces shine and sets make-up.

$49.00 at Sephora.




Interested in going on the Jeopardy game show? It turns out there are websites that will help you become a contestant. They all are prep sites with tips on how to study, how to bet and how to be chosen as a contestant.  They have their own styles so try each out to see which you like best.



Measure your plastic footprint by taking this 3 minute survey. This will help all of us understand our unique plastic usage in order to be able to reduce it effectively.


New Allbirds Socks come in three styles.  I am a big fan of Allbirds and I am in good company.  Reports are that Ashton Kucher, Oprah Winfrey and almost everyone in Silicon Valley have Allbirds on their feet… and so do my husband, myself and a large number of our friends. Many of us have chosen to wear them without socks.  If I am honest, they do get a little ‘ripe’ after a while.  Solution?  Allbirds socks are made of Trino, a knit combo of merino wool and eucalyptus.  They are soft, breathable, temperature controlling and moisture wicking. What I call ‘tennis socks’ are Hiders, $12/pair. Ankle socks are called ‘quarters’ and they are $14/pair.  Longer socks are called ‘Tubers’ and they are $16/pair.  There are lots of colors. Allbirds Trino Socks.