La Verne Ford Wimberly dressed up 52 Sundays in a row during the COVID pandemic to attend church, even though the service was virtual. Her church is the Metropolitan Church in Tulsa, OK and every Sunday she coordinated her church clothes and took a selfie that she posted to Facebook. She is 82 years old and SO stylish!


Calligrapher allows customers to create their own personal font.  The font can replicate your handwriting or be in whatever style you like.  You determine the size of the letters, the spacing in between and many other characteristics.  The fonts you create are your sole property and can be installed on as many devices as you want.  Pricing varies, but one font with 75 characters is free with registration.  My daughter created a font in her handwriting for mailing labels she sends every month for a newsletter, and it looks great.


I follow the musician David Byrne on Instagram, and he often posts pictures of interesting scenes he notices: an unusual pairing, like the trees below, an odd alignment like the hoses, the unexpected like the bursting fire hydrant. These pictures make me more aware of what’s happening in my own surroundings.  Thank you, David.



I was given a small, jewel of a book describing the miracle of saving two baby hummingbirds by ASE reader Julie G.   I treasure the story and commend it to you, The Hummingbird’s Gift. This small volume is a quick read with beautiful pictures.  Being absorbed in this story felt like meditation and reminded me that humans can be wondrous stewards of the natural world. The Hummingbird’s Gift, $16.37.

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