Timely nuggets of information and ideas we want to share with you.


CandyStore.com tracks the most popular Halloween candy state by state.  In the past, the most popular candy in New York has been Sour Patch Kids.  The most popular candy in New Jersey has been Tootsie Pops and in Connecticut, Almond Joy wins.  America has a favorite candy – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The site has a fun interactive map to see what each state’s top three favorites are.


Go to the Google Arts & Culture page and see the “Things you never knew about…” section.  Click on the “Things You Might Not Know About Trees”.  There is wonderful and fascinating information about trees.  For example, this statement is explained: “Trees talk to each other, remember things and make friends”.


Are you curious about all the different types of psychotherapy?  I could never remember what DBT meant – Dialectical Behavior Therapy – and was hearing it referred to often, so I went to this website – GoodTherapy.org and looked it up.


We missed World Singing Day last week.  It was founded in 2012 by USA musician Scott Johnson.  The goal is to unite the globe through music.  It is for everyone, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, singing ability or age.  The date in 2023 is October 21.  Click here closer to the time to find the events in your country or state.