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We recently watched the movie Troop Zero (2019) with Viola Davis and Alison Janney.  When it began, I feared it was going to be a mindless, ridiculous movie with lots of stupid pranks and not-funny jokes.  It was much better than that, and full of life lessons.  It was touching and funny at the same time and a good family movie.  It is rated PG and is an Amazon Original.

The Citizen app describes itself as a ‘personal safety network’.  Its goal is to bring people together to watch out for each other. It is a mobile app that sends location-based safety alerts in real time. Translated, that means you receive an alert on your phone about an incident in your neighborhood that happened just minutes before. Users can find updates and live video about reports and leave comments.

I have a family member who swears by it. As a woman living alone in New York City it keeps her up to date with what’s going on in and around her neighborhood.  She did mention that, since it’s New York City, she does receive many pings a day alerting her to various incidents, big and small.  The app is free.

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The next time you want to learn something and have fun doing it, treat yourself to a virtual tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, narrated by Steve Martin.  It’s called Making the Met, 1870-2020.  It is 11.5 minutes long, moves along quickly and will inspire you to go and reacquaint yourself with this amazing museum.  Click on the link above and look for Exhibition Tour—Making the Met, 1870–2020, Narrated by Steve Martin.

Nancy’s daughter introduced me to the mysteries of Inspector Gamache by Louise Penny.  I have read or listened to each of the sixteen books in the series.  If you are going to try one, they should be read in order, so start with the first.  The newest book, All the Devils Are Here, is set in Paris and it is one of my favorites of her mysteries.  This is a worthy mystery, and Inspector Gamache is an inspiring character who is tested, but finds his way forward with love, loyalty and perspective.  All the Devils Are Here,  The Sixteenth Chief Inspector Gamache Novel. $20.28

The Fifteen other Inspector Gamache mysteries.