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The new seven-episode Netflix show, Diagnosis, is based on the New York Times column.  I love reading the column so was curious what the TV show was like.  In both the column and the show, I enjoy the sleuthing, and the crowd-sourced input from readers, both medical professionals and amateurs.  The shortcomings of our health care system, the mysteries and complexities of the human body and medical science and real-life patients make this a very interesting show. While the endings are not all ‘perfectly happy ever after’, there are no dire or tragic endings.  This is my kind of show. Each episode is around 50 minutes.

Note:  It is emotional as you get to know the patients, so if you’re a weeper like me, be prepared with Kleenex.

Rothy’s has some new styles in their newest Merino Collection.


The brand Senreve, is named after the french words for ‘sense’ and ‘dream’.  A woman out of Stanford Business School created the company and they are the ‘it’ bag in San Francisco.  They are extremely adaptable from purse to long handle to backpack.  I love the Senreve Midi Maestra, which is her middle sized bag, but I admired the bigger bag which holds a laptop.  These bags are a luxury at $795 and up, but they are made in Italy and the finish is perfect.  Hardware can be gold or silver and the bags can be made in 26 hues and several mixes of color.  Basic Sanreve Midi Maestra, $795.

You can choose the grain of leather from pebbled (lavender bag) , mimosa (seafoam bag) and ‘dragon’ (black bag).  You can design your bag with mixed leathers and suede.  The price goes up as you get beyond the basics.

About Senreve.

Friday Bulletin Soap

Did you know (I didn’t) that bar soaps are friendlier to the environment than liquid soaps?  It seems that all the convenient items in my life (cling wrap, liquid soap) are not good for the environment and that I need re-training.  I also feel that about my favorite foods not being good for me, but that’s another story.  I am sufficiently frightened by what’s happening to our earth that I am paying attention to what I use and consume.  Liquid soaps take water and energy to make and recycle and the pumps aren’t recyclable.  I’m buying bar soap from now on.

Try L’Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap $10.00.