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trending 3D printer templates

For those of you with a 3D printer, or those who would like a reason to get a 3D printer, check out Thingiverse.com.  Thingiverse is a free library of files for printing ‘things’ in 3D.  Search for something you want to make and download the free version (see above photo of planters).  The files are standard 3D format and can be edited, modified or improved. You can print almost anything you can think of, the selection is enormous.  It would be fun to print party favors, presents, or items you need around the house.


Trending culture and travel book

The Booktrail is a website founded by a woman who was inspired by the novel Around the World in 80 Days.  She has lived in five countries and speaks four languages.  She created The Booktrail to allow readers to travel around the world without leaving home.  You can search for books by their location on the map, by author, genre and setting (where the action takes place, like a castle or inn).  She urges her followers to visit the locations of the books they love and see how the authors captured them.


Quote investigator

Quote Investigator is a quote tracer.  It is great to use as a fact-checker for the origins of common quotes, or just to browse.  It was started in 2010 by a computer scientist who is diligent about researching the origins of quotes.  Most requests are sent to him by readers.  There are over 4.5 million users per year.  I found browsing through the research on various quotes was fascinating.


trending culture and fashion sandals

Attention to all of you who wore (and loved) Jack Rogers sandals.  JR is offering us a new, extremely comfortable, version of their classic sandal.  They have a rubber sole, a molded foam foot-bed and a top layer of soft leather. The pair I wear has been approved (and envied) by chic adult daughters.  They sold out quickly last winter and are available for pre-order now for late November delivery.  Available in six colors. $138.


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