The actor Chris Hemsworth has just opened a fitness app called Centr.  To promote it he has released five 1 minute meditation videos that are delightfully goofy and fun.  While they won’t release all your stress and help you to be more mindful, they will brighten your day.


Subscriber Karah P. tipped us off to The Goodnewsletter.   Every Tuesday, 5 good news stories are posted on The Goodnewsletter in an effort to help all of us find good news in a headline instead of the stress-inducing headlines we usually receive.  Subscription is free and your Tuesdays will become your good news-days.


Did you know that your iPhone has a built-in Air Quality Index (AQI) which tells you the air quality in your present location or wherever you are interested in?  Go to the Weather app that comes with your phone.  Pull up the weekly forecast for your location.  Right under the weekly forecast is the AQI.  In the above photo, the air quality was 29-Good.  You can find out the AQI for any location you enter, not just where you are.


There is a correct way to wear your disposable surgical mask.  The white side is absorbent and should be on the inside, catching warm breath from your mouth.  The blue side is fluid resistant and should be on the outside, protecting you from droplets.


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