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My sister has never liked mayonnaise.  I cannot imagine such a thing.  To me, mayonnaise makes everything savory taste better.  I was always a Hellmann’s gal until my brother-in-law introduced me to Duke’s Mayonnaise.  Now I love both Hellmann’s and Duke’s. My husband recently read about Japan’s obsession with their popular Kewpie Mayonnaise, so I ordered some. It is delicious and different from what we’re used to.

Kewpie Mayonnaise comes in a soft-squeeze bottle and apparently the Japanese slather it on just about everything.  It is creamier than American mayonnaise and made from only egg yolks instead of the entire egg.   Instead of distilled vinegar, Kewpie mayo contains rice or apple cider vinegar which gives it a slightly sweeter taste.  It also contains MSG, commonly used in Asian cooking.  If you don’t like MSG, the American version of Kewpie leaves it out. Finally, the emulsification process is different for Kewpie mayo than American mayo. In Kewpie, the egg yolks, vinegar and oil are whipped using specialized equipment, rather than beaten, giving it a special consistency. Use it in dips, dressings, on burgers, pasta and potato salads, and on the outside of grilled cheese sandwiches to make them crisp and any other way you like your mayonnaise.  It’s delicious.

The Japanese version (with MSG) is available from Amazon (17.64 oz from $7.99) or any Japanese specialty stores or the Kewpie website (17.64 oz for $5.99).  Order the American version without MSG is $4.99 for 12 oz here.

BBC’s 100 Women 2019 was just published.   It is a list of 100 inspiring and influential women in 2019.  They come from all over the world and have made their mark in a wide variety of fields.  It’s fascinating to scroll through the entire list and see where they come from and what they do.

Ikea has launched a podcast to help people fall asleep.  It is out of their usual wheelhouse but wait until I tell you the rest.  The podcast features a Swedish Ikea employee reading the new Australian 2020 catalog.  Really!!!

Here is the description in their words:

“Throughout this podcast you’ll hear many names of IKEA furniture as we work through the latest IKEA catalogue, starting at the bedroom section and ending in the bathroom. So lay back, close your eyes and leave your day behind as we take you on a journey through the sounds of the newest IKEA catalogue for Australia, 2020.”

Listen to a sample here.

Download the podcast from Spotify or Apple. Home page for Ikea Sleep Podcast.


Netflix Explained, 100 Women 2019

I am loving Netflix’s Explained docuseries from Vox.  The episodes run between 14 – 20 minutes and do exactly what the title says – explain things.  They choose current topics that impact peoples’ lives and give a balanced, impartial analysis. I’ve enjoyed the ones on Cryptocurrency, Monogamy and Why Diets Fail.


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